Our Story

I have a passion. A passion I want to share with my family, my friends, my community, and maybe one day, even the world. That passion is food. Real food. Food the way nature intended. "Nourish Real Food Cafe"  began as a vision, a dream, an all-consuming desire. A desire to do just as the name suggests - nourish people, with wholesome, real food.

I do not really know what lead me here. I have begun many courses of study and somewhere along the way I fell into a course of Naturopathy. And I mean I fell; head-over-heels in love with natural medicine. Within my training to become a naturopath there were many nutritional medicine subjects. I loved them the most. We were not taught to count calories or balance macronutrients. We were not told "eat what you like as long as calories in equal calories out." Instead, I learned the value of food, the vitality of food, the healing power of food - when it is alive and in its most natural state. 

At Nourish I have brought to life all of my nutritional and naturopathic understandings to provide a place for people to feel welcome. A place that feels homely and warm. A place that provides all of the old time favourite foods, in a more nourishing way. I hope you come to visit us. I hope you like what you find. 

Jess x